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The Cleveland Museum of Natural History will be opening a large new gallery in October 2023. We especially need volunteers who love to interact with the public.  Volunteers are needed to assist Museum visitors, including families and children find their way around and enjoy the newly renovated gallery. 

You don't have to be an expert to volunteer at the Museum. If you enjoy interacting with the public, including children and families, the Museum invites you to join our volunteer team.  Apply to volunteer.

About us:

At the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, we believe that discovery starts with you. Explore our exhibits, meet our wild animals, take a hike, join a class—all while creating meaningful memories.

We make science relatable by cultivating your curiosity. When you visit the Museum, you’ll have the opportunity to delve deep into the past in our dinosaur hall, discover the outer reaches of the Universe through our astronomy programs, and experience natural wonders in outdoor galleries. Traveling exhibits bring the world to Cleveland with an ever-changing variety of new subjects to explore.

Beyond the Museum campus, we protect 12,000 acres through our Natural Areas Program. Each preserve harbors at least one unique natural community, including hardwood forest, Lake Erie island, fossil dune ridge, marsh, swamp, and glacial wetland. Together, these areas represent the remarkable biological diversity that was once widespread throughout the region, and now serve as educational and scientific resources. Our naturalist-led hikes and classes provide access to a wild Ohio you may never have imagined.

OUR MISSION: To inspire, through science and education, a passion for nature, the protection of natural diversity, the fostering of health, and leadership to a sustainable future.

OUR VISION: To explore, engage, and empower for a better tomorrow.


The Museum is currently in the midst of a transformation. Learn more about how we are pioneering a new model for natural history museums through an expansion, complete reinstallation of our exhibits, and development of new public spaces. Explore our new strategic plan that will guide us in these efforts, and learn more about how you can support our Transforming the World of Discovery campaign.

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